Sunday, December 11, 2005

The rumors are true! The original lineup of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band are back together and
ANHITW had a phone chat with Emmet about the state of the band.

ANHITW: What's up, Emmet?

Emmet Otter: Hey, man. Not much. We've been rehearsing a lot lately. I just got a new custom-made washtub.

ANHITW: Cool. How does the band sound?

EO: We were rusty at first, but it's getting better. Wendell hadn't picked up a jug in about 10 years, so it took him a while to get into top form [laughs].

ANHITW: So you're playing in Brooklyn in January?

EO: Yeah, should be interesting. We're opening for Early Man.

ANHITW: Wow. Great bill. You ever hear from Chuck and the Nightmare guys?

EO: I talk to Chuck on e-mail and IM sometimes. We actually became pretty good friends. I'd love to see them get back together.

ANHITW: Any hard feelings about losing to them at the talent show back in '77?

EO: Nah. They rocked. Hard. Ma and us couldn't compete with their theatricality. Chuck's charisma can't be ignored. I mean, dude wore a cape.

ANHITW: [laughs] Good point. The judges got it right. Have you guys recorded anything yet?

EO: Not yet, but we've got some new songs. We're looking to record at Electrical Audio sometime next year.

ANHITW: Fantastic. Albini seems like a perfect engineer for you guys.

EO: Yeah, the new stuff is really raw and noisy. We've been listening to a lot of early PJ Harvey lately and Charlie's been on a Jesus Lizard and Shellac kick. Some of the fans might be a bit surprised.

ANHITW: Will Ma appear on any tracks? She's always been underappreciated as a singer.

EO: We'd love to work with Ma again, so who knows. I think she needs to collaborate with Jack White or something.

ANHITW: She could win a Grammy!

EO: Yeah!

ANHITW: Alright, Emmett. I'll let you go. Good luck with the show next month. Keep us updated on the band's progress.

EO: Sure thing. Fun chatting with you. Jug-Band forever.